The track is a beast for runners and non-runners alike. As most of you know, my husbandย hates to run and does it only because it burns a ton of calories, and is an excellent way to gage just how out of shape you are at any given time. Plus, we can bring the kids to the track and make it a family affair. With that in mind, I present to you two track workouts – one in runner’s lingo and the other in plain English.



First, for the non-runners. Don’t let the track intimidate you! Everyone, maybe especially runners, have a healthy fear of the track. It can be punishing but it also be very fun and rewarding.

Here’s a great workout you can do for a fitness boost, no running knowledge required! You can also work up to running and simply walk a lot of this workout:


track workout fornon-runners-2


Now for the runners! Yes, the track is hard and scary (don’t tell the non-runners that!) but you got this. I know that I have a healthy fear each time I step onto the oval but, I’m a stronger runner each time I step off of it. Here’s a track workout in a language you can understand. It’s for all runners and for any distance but *warning* it is a HARD effort and totals 9 miles. If you’re not quite up to the entire workout yet, break into manageable pieces and build toward doing the whole enchilada. Mmmmm food. Oh wait…track session first, then food:

Copy of track workout fornon-runners

Don’t forget to bring a lot of water, possibly a bag of ice and a sports drink for afterward that has sodium and electrolytes like Gatorade or Body Armor.

Happy Friday and happy running! Cheers!


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Do you workout with your family?

How do you feel about the track?