This post is a shout out to some of my favorite bloggers.  If you haven’t read them before, now is the time!  I’m truly thankful for having met them, for their words, friendship and support.  Here’s my way of saying thanks…


‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving and throughout the bloggy land

Mama Nicole was Working in Sweats and Christine was dreaming about the Hawiian sand

Mommy Laura’s sneakers were hung up for the night, while her daughter who shouts “Mommy, Run Fast!” was nowhere in sight

The Dose Girls were nestled all snug in their beds while thoughts of “What Would You Rather Do?” and “Pinterest Nightmares” danced in their heads


And Tamara with her Camera was poised, ready to click while Hope was Defining how not to get sick!

When down the road at the gym there arose such a clatter that Britt was thrown off her Own Balance to find out what was the matter…

It was Nellie doing Zumba and Joi with BodyCombat just cranking up a workout to help burn off that fat!


Away to get her Bosu Day with KT flew like a flash while Beth from Shut Up and Run broke into a mad dash

When what to my wondering eyes should appear but Kate with Another Clean Slate and Carla from Real Into  – both had no fear!

More rapid then eagles The Valentine RD she came and Michelle at Dish of Daily Life whistled and called out by name:

Now Twitter!  Now Pinterest!  Now Facebook and Instagram!  On, blogging!  On, vlogging! On, tweeting and pinning!  We have a Rafflecopter giveaway and someone who’s winning!


To the top of Google + to the top of SEO, quick we need to get to Karen who’s Baking In A Tornado!

As when Raising Flowers and Skids as Leah does so well, or being A Fierce Diva under Ilene’s relentless spell – all grew quiet on the inter webs until Happy Fit Mama said “Enough of all this Thanksgiving Day drama!”


“You’re right!” said Dana who had A List ready while Andrea from Be Quoted held her pen steady.

…and I heard Alison say as she closed her laptop up tight, “I’m Writing, Wishing you all a Thanksgiving great night!”


Happy Thanksgiving to bloggers everywhere!  I hope you can enjoy a day of rest.

Who is your favorite blogger?  Who do I need to check out next?