Years ago, when I was even more of a crazy motivated sweat junkie, I made an appointment with a registered dietician to help with the fueling part of my workouts.  Back then, I was heavy into marathon training.  I qualified for Boston (3:30) on my second try, and then ran three marathons (including Boston) in one year.  I do not recommend doing this.  After the second marathon in Burlington, VT (which was only weeks after Boston) I came down with bronchitis but still ran Hartford several months later.


In the midst of this insanity training and racing, I met with renowned sports nutritionist to the elite, Nancy Clark.  Now, I was not an elite by any means, but I had the ability to get an appointment with Nancy in nearby Boston, and who would pass up that opportunity?  I was actually ready to be praised by her for my discipline, hard work and tenacity.  Instead, she looked over my pre-filled-out paperwork on my training and eating habits and said “Why can’t you just sit and rock?”  I have never forgotten it.  She thought I needed some serious downtime and she was absolutely right.

I like to think I’ve learned a lot since those days, and I now like to take my relaxing very seriously, which is why I decided to book a resort in Portugal for my post-World Championship race recovery.


We came to Obidos, Portugal by way of Porto.  You heard about the parking debacle we ran into there, but Porto itself was named by The Huffington Post as one of the top “Overlooked European Cities You Must Visit In Your Lifetime.” No doubt.  It was historic, gorgeous and filled with amazing food:

photo 1-8 photo 2-6


Still, Obidos was my favorite part of Portugal, by far.  First, there was the most amazing beach I’ve ever seen…with surfers:



The boys, hand in hand, going down to run from the waves.

The boys, hand in hand, going down to run from the waves.



Then, we explored “downtown” Obidos which, much to the boys delight, had a real castle.  And, much to our delight, had some great shops and restaurants.  It was like being transported back in time:




Coolest bookstore ever!

Coolest bookstore ever!

Needless to say, I had ample time to “sit and rock” and I enjoyed every moment.  I’m still wrestling with what race/training I want to do next, but I’m not overly anxious about it.  After attending and speaking at FitBloggin‘ (a fitness blogger conference) this weekend in Savannah, I was inspired to do A LOT.  I will definitely be posting and talking about my experiences there and all the great people I met, famous and otherwise, but right now I’m just going to sit and rock on it a little more…

Do you take the time to sit and just be?

Best place you’ve been on vacation to relax and have serious downtime?