I realize how that sounds but it is a post about Vegas so I’m gonna let it ride!  Oh I’m cracking myself up with this stuff.  I think I’m still drunk from the weekend…and I’m not just talking about alcohol.  I’m drunk on freedom from the word “mommy” and on sleeping in and the independence of only worrying about me for a few days!  Vegas is such a place of fantasy with it’s larger then life casinos, people and shops.  After landing in my little town across the country where it’s rainy, cold and gray, I can definitely feel my Vegas hangover.

So, here goes – the good, the bad, the ugly and the unexplainable:


Oh there’s so much good to be had.  At the top of my list is always food!  There were so many fantastic restaurants. We tried very hard to have a bad meal but we just couldn’t do it.  Even ordering a Margherita Pizza at 1am in a bar.  It was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.  I wanted to box it up and send it to Ilene at Fierce Diva Guide to Life since she’s currently in withdrawals and resorting to drastic measures like eating pizza from Walmart!

I got carded.  That’s right.  As I posted on FB, after just one night away from my kids I looked 18 years younger.

First drink in Vegas and I get carded!  I knew I loved this place.

Come to teen mama Hibiscus Martini

Going to the gym!  Don’t roll your eyes you haters.  You know I’m going to the gym, especially when I’m one week out from a half-marathon and three weeks from the Duathlon!  I also like to balance my eating and drinking with sweating.  

The view of the pool & palm trees from my treadmill made the workout go by quick.  Plus my girlfriend joined me most mornings and I never get to run side by side with her so that was awesome.

The nightlife is amazing.  I got some much needed time with the hubs and we danced and danced!

At Paris listening to an amazing band and dancing with strangers.

At Paris listening to a great decent band and dancing with strangers.

Three things said to us on the dance floor mostly by intoxicated, cougar-like women from the midwest:

1.  Who do you look like? vigorously pointing to my husband Um, Mike?  Oh Deborah, who is it?  You know that guy from MTV?  Oh, I know – Carson Daily!

2.  You guys make a really cute couple.  Ya think?  We’ve been married for almost 8 years.  I think we’re just starting to look like each other.

3.  Oh honey, he’s a keeper!  Since he’s the father of my twins, I guess I’ll keep him because I can not do that shit alone!


I feel like I rant on this too much so I’m just going to say it once.  Smoking.  Must we indulge all the sins in Sin City?

Drunk assholes yelling at dealers.  I couldn’t believe some of the stories my husband was telling me about how some of the players yell obscenities at the female dealers!  Pit boss anyone?  It’s called gambling for a reason. If you’re not prepared to lose then you’ve come to the wrong place!

Did I mention I don’t gamble at all?  Not one dime.  Why am I here again?  Oh yeah…




Most of the ugly happened in one place and that one place is Freemont Street in “old” Vegas.  It’s best explained through a series of pictures:

This guy rocks hard.

This guy rocks hard. Trust me.

If it were just a little brighter...

If only it were brighter…

Even Elmo is getting his drink on!

Even Elmo is getting his drink on!

Giant stripper anyone?

Man eater.

There are no words.  Yes, this is a man and yes, he posed for this picture.

There are no words. Yes, this is a man and yes, he posed for this picture.



After only three days in Vegas I started to not notice every Louis Vuitton bag or Jimmy Choo store, I stopped staring at all the characters you could take your pictures with for tips, I took the homeless people’s signs in stride like these:

Bad advice $2  Insults $1 (with middle finger drawn in)

Aliens kidnapped my weed and I need a lot of money to pay the ransom!

But what is still unexplainable to me is this:

What every gym needs

What every gym needs

That’s right,  this beautiful fireplace was not in a log cabin in Vermont, it was just outside the doors of the fitness center at our hotel.  I mean when you’re dripping in sweat from a hard workout you really just want to cozy up to a nice warm fire while you stretch.  Are they trying to actually melt the fat off you or is this their nice way of saying “Get the hell out of the gym and go lose your money on the tables you freaks!” How about some hot chocolate while you’re at it? Shouldn’t this be an ice luge?  Maybe with all the money my husband “donated” they can make this a smoothie bar by the time I get back there next year.

Where’s the last place you took a vacation?  What was your worst vacation destination?