I’m always up for a challenge!  When one of my most favorite bloggers Joi at RX Fitness Lady threw down the blogging gauntlet, I was more then willing to take it up…and then I realized I had to make a commercial.  Shit.

So get your eyeballs ready because not only do I have a video for you (or a vlog or whatever the techie nerds call it) but I’ll be blogging every damn day this week! That’s right.  It’s my first blogging challenge and I intend to succeed!…even if I have to kill my family to do it which almost happened after day one. Let the games begin!


I’ve been a MAC owner for about two months.  The apple nation tells me there’s an amazing program called iMovie.  Sounds daunting.  Turns out, it’s a friggin nightmare, but I WON!  I wrestled that program to the ground and I beat out a video with music, audio AND pictures! Take THAT iMovie!  Ok, so it’s probably the most amateur thing you could ever hope to see (and I had to hide in the playroom to record it!) but for better or worse…


My first masterpiece.  I’m sure it will be a thing of shame for years to come!  Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it in a way that you enjoy watching the drunk girl at a party.


Have you ever made a vlog or commercial for your blog or otherwise?  How do you feel about being on camera?