The title of this post should really be what THIS runner eats since, when it comes to eating and running, no two runners are alike in eating habits. Because of that, I will share what I eat as well as what five other highly successful and experienced runners eat, for this month’s edition of Run It Wednesday!

I did not eat that entire pizza but I probably could have. And yes, I eat pizza and french fries and ice cream and most of the other stuff you probably think I don’t. I’m careful about when I eat these kinds of foods and, before, during and after a run can be especially tricky.

Let’s start at the top!


My stomach cannot handle protein within two hours leading up to my run. How do I know this? From many, many, many miles spent suffering with an upset stomach after having peanut butter or eggs prior to heading out.

I have come to this eating routine after years of experimenting and repeatedly trying things that obviously didn’t work just because I though it was what I was “supposed” to be eating. WRONG! If you take away nothing else from this post, take this: Every runner is different. Eat whatever works for you!

Maybe you can eat a cookie bigger than your head before a run. I can’t.

Here’s a typical morning before a run workout:

5am: 8-10 oz coffee, black with two sugars

6:30/7:00am – Breakfast option one: slice of banana bread (if it’s fresh from the local store) OR two whole wheat fig bars (from the same store) with a large swath of Teddie’s Natural Smooth peanut butter and some water

Breakfast option two: steel cut oatmeal with Teddie’s Natural Peanut Butter, chia seeds and berries

Breakfast option three: Whole grain cereal that is low in fiber and protein and high in carbohydrates like Nature’s Path Qi’a Superflakes or Kashi Heart to Heart Toasted Oats and 2% organic milk

7:00am – whatever time I head out: If I’m going on a run over 8 miles I will sip on water mixed with Skratch Labs lemon + lime hydration mix

The key for me is digestion. I want at least 1 1/2 hours between eating and running.

*If I bike or swim after my run, I will have a GU, chomps or Health Warrior Chia bar, to keep me going for over an hour of training. Luckily, I can eat almost anything before a bike or swim.

My “in-between” power fuel. Health Warrior Chia Bars!


This depends so much on mileage and intensity. Anything under 10 miles for me does not warrant food or drinks unless I have barely eaten and I’m running before breakfast. That is a rarity so let’s go with this:

10-14 MILES 1.5 Hours After Breakfast

I recently purchased a new Nathan running belt (VaporKrar $59.99) that I absolutely love! It comes with a collapsable water bottle that doesn’t slosh during the run, has plenty of pockets and stays in place with zero chafing.

I tend to change up what I eat on the run because too many sweet GUs make me want to vomit. For my 14 miler (the longest run I have done in a while) I had an Espresso Love GU at 45 minutes in and then a Tri-Berry one 45 minutes later. I sipped water when needed.

It’s not rocket science but with the overwhelming amount of information out there, it can seem like it.

Also, my coach is an actual rocket scientist so maybe it kind of is.

*If I have a long bike/run session I will have a bottle of water mixed with Skratch Labs lemon + lime electrolyte mix on the bike portion. I also prefer to eat Clif Blocks energy chews on the bike instead of GUs. My current favorites are Mountain Berry and Salted Watermelon. In the winter I switch to Honey Stinger waffles. 


At this point, especially if I have been out training for over two hours, I’m short on time and starving. I keep bars in my car (if I’ve driven to a different location) so I can have immediate sustenance. I also need to eat real food before drinking coffee. I learned that the hard way.

My favorite post-run bars include:

1. VEGA Protein Peanut Butter Chocolate

2. KNOW Better Bars

3. REAL Bars

4. Clif Nut Butter Filled Bars

5. Health Warrior Vanilla Almond Chia Bar

Star wanted a bite of my KNOW Better bar. No WAY!

Once I shower and can eat some real food, my top choices are eggs with veggies and whole grain toast, turkey burger and sweet potato, spinach with veggies and a scoop of chicken salad on top, shrimp fajitas with avocado, cheese and tomato and the list can go on and on and on.

Actually, this list will go on.

Check out what these super fit runners eat and see if you like those choices better…









Now go eat something!


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What do you eat before a workout?

What is your favorite post run/workout meal?