I feel out of sorts with my workout posts. I’m also feeling a bit out of sorts with my workouts. I started the year thinking about dominating triathlons but then very quickly switched gears to marathons after I found out I had guaranteed entry to the NYC marathon in November. I also switched gears on my coach CRS (Coach Rocket Scientist) so I have yet to get a training plan from her. You can see how things got muddled and messy. Here’s my attempt to clean it up!


This is how my face froze post run.


So, let’s see, what exactly have I been working out lately?

LEGS: As soon as the switch flipped to marathon, the crazy switch flipped as well and I wanted to run all.the.miles right away. While I’m still rehabbing my left leg (it’s now an IT band issue) this is not a smart idea. Here’s a fun, music based, treadmill workout I did to try and run off the crazy:


MORE LEGS (and abs and upper body): Do you see a pattern developing here? I did manage to make this a full body workout, based on strengthening all my running muscles. This was the result:


MY MOUTH: Much to my husband’s dismay, our boys are obsessed with Jen from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio. Let’s just clear one thing up – there is no cardio. I love you Jen but where is the cardio? Anyway, there are plenty of cookies and cupcakes that I would never in a million years be able to make, so we settled for cupcake cheeseburgers:

Morning prep work!

Morning prep work! Could Vaughn be any happier that I’m letting him lick the spatula at 9am?


Decorating concentration

Decorating concentration

Miles hard at work...trying to make Jen proud!

Miles hard at work…trying to make Jen proud!

Finished product!

Finished product!

It’s actually a brownie sandwiched between a cupcake! You add Air Heads and icing to make the ‘ketchup,’ ‘mustard,’ and ‘lettuce.’ After taking a bite, Miles said “Wow! Jen really makes delicious cupcakes!” WTH??? Do you see Jen in this kitchen???

MY HEART: If you were following my SIL’s play-by-play of my emotions on FB this past Sunday, when my beloved Packers played Seattle in the NFC Championship game, you would have seen this:

The Pack needs a field goal to tie the game. This is my "I might puke" face.

The Pack needs a field goal to tie the game. This is my “I might puke” face.


They made the field goal!!!!!!

They made the field goal!!!!!!

Seattle wins in overtime. Why is my wine glass empty?

Seattle wins in overtime. Why is my wine glass empty?

I am glad the Patriots crushed the Colts and can now do the same to Seattle but it would have been infinitely better having a Packer/Pats Super Bowl. Damn you cheese heads and your bad play calling!


the winner of the TrailHeads amazing headband is…

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.36.14 PM


This makes me so happy as Hollie is an Oiselle teammate of mine and also writes for RunHaven. We’re like twins.

Congrats Hollie!

As for the rest of you…tell me:

What have your workouts been like this past week?

Have you ever heard of CookiesCupcakesandCardio.com? She has over 700K YouTube subscribers!

Do you watch football? Will you watch the super bowl?