I know you will find this hard to believe but I’ve received yet another award!  Please do not alert the press as I am a very private person…yeah, ok, so back to the real me and this very cool blogging “award!”

Spread some sunshine all over the place, and put on a happy BLOG!

Spread some sunshine all over the place, and put on a happy BLOG!

The Sunshine Award is one circulated among bloggers to let them know they brighten their day. That’s right kids – I brighten other people’s days!!  Here in the blogosphere, there are many, many, many fabulous women (and a few men!) whom I’ve met and truly can’t wait to read their latest posts.  Some make me think, others make me laugh, some are scary or depressing and others are uplifting and motivating.  No matter what, I’ve yet to meet a mean blogger so I hang out in this world a lot because, with all this going on, why wouldn’t I?  One of those women is Brittany from My Own Balance.  She’s a lawyer.  That’s right, so don’t mess with her.  She’s also a fitness and dance lover and just an all around smart and cool chick.  She nominated me for this award and I’m truly grateful!

So, here’s how we play…

1.) Include the award logo in your blog post.  See above.

2.) Link to the person who nominated you.

3.) Answer 10 questions about yourself.

4.) Nominate 5 other bloggers and let them know by leaving a comment on their blogs.


Easy right?  Here’s the questions from Brittany:

1.) Where is the best place you’ve ever traveled?

To the hospital to deliver the twins!  As you can imagine, as a fitness enthusiast, I did not enjoy being pregnant.  With twins.  At all.  The beginning was ok I guess but the rest sucked big time.  I carried them to 37 weeks, went through 20 hours of labor just to have a c-section!  They were 5 pounds each when they were born and came right home with me 4 days later.  Carrying them to term and having them be healthy and not spend a single second in the NICU is the greatest accomplishment of my life.

Some days I still can't believe there's two of them!

Some days I still can’t believe there’s two of them!  Miles is on the left if you’re guessing.

2.) If you could only eat one thing for an entire week, what would it be?

Wine.  Oh, eat?  Um…cheese.  I love cheese and it has a ton of protein.  Plus, if I eat that much cheese I won’t have to use the bathroom and I’ll have more time to do other things like catch up on Breaking Bad and running!

3.) What’s your favorite book?

This is an easy one – A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.  I read it every Christmas so I’ve read it A LOT.  I refuse to get it on my Nook b/c I have pages dogeared and certain parts underlined.  It’s my Christmas present to myself.

4.) What’s your favorite form of exercise?

This is tough.  Let me see.  RUNNING!!!!!

5.) If you could live in any city in the world, where would you live?

Probably Boston.  I know, it’s so boring but you asked!!!

Shopping, eating and really amazing places to run. Is this paradise?

Great shopping, eating and really amazing places to run. Is this paradise?

6.) What’s your favorite kind of flower?

I don’t give much thought to flowers.  Is that horrible?  Probably.  I guess sunflowers b/c they match most of my decor.

7.) Atlantic or Pacific?

Atlantic baby!!!

8.) What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would buy healthy food for anyone who can’t afford it.  Seriously.  I would open my own healthy fast food chain with a “dollar menu” and everything on it would be fresh and healthy!

9.) Why did you start blogging?

To do something I’m afraid of…and I love to write.  It was VERY hard for me to sort of put myself out here and be judged.  But I did it and I’m SO glad I did!

10.) What would your perfect day look like?

Somewhere near the ocean with my entire family and a few close friends.  Long morning run on the beach with an equally long massage afterward!  Breakfast on the water…maybe on a boat.  Swim and relax all day…eat, drink and be merry all night while listening to live music.  Perfection.

This was actually taken in Vegas but that's no place for children!

This was actually taken in Vegas but that’s no place for children!

So those are my answers for better or worse.  My next step is to nominate 5 other bloggers so here goes:

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Answer my questions on your blog…GO!

What would YOU do with a million dollars?