My mind has been in a frenzy pretty much all week. I feel like a mental patient, having drastically darting thoughts from one moment to the next:

“I’m going to rock this marathon! I’m so ready!”

10 seconds later…

“My left foot hurts, my right hammy was weird on that last run, I’m not sure if I can do this.”

If you’re a runner then you know this thought pattern in the days and weeks leading up to a big race.

While ripping off my last speed session at the track on Wednesday (4 x 800 @ 3:10) it occurred to me that I need to pull from many different personality traits to become one bad ass mother runner on Sunday.

I thought, “if only I had…”

The Ego Of Kayne West – What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this guy? Well besides that you potty mouth. How about ego! The best (or worst) part is that it’s totally misplaced. He’s rude, disrespectful, and based on his last few songs/performances, losing talent in buckets. These things seem to not matter one bit to him and he continues to live like he owns, not just one of the Kardashians, but the universe itself. Wherever he is right now, I’m sure he thinks he could run a marathon with almost no training.

I would use his ego for good, for just 3 hours or so…

I decided this belongs to someone else because that's the kind of a-hole I am.

I decided this belongs to someone else because that’s the kind of a-hole I am.

The Energy of the Twins – My children never, ever stop moving. Their gym teacher, who has 600 kids under her tutelage, told me they are in the top 10 “most active” kids in the school. This was not a compliment.

How many laps around the track? Oh we can do MORE!

How many laps around the track? Oh we can do MORE…and carry stuffed animals while we’re at it!

The Memory of an NFL Quarterback – For those of you not familiar with football, I’m truly sorry. What I mean by this analogy is that quarterbacks, even very good ones, can throw a lot of interceptions and still win the game.

One of the best QB’s to ever play the game, Brett Favre, had an arm like a god. He played to win and, in doing so, missed his mark quite a bit. Ok, a lot. When you’re down in a game and throwing like crap on one play, you have to forget about it immediately and move to the next play. Favre was a master at this. I was always in awe how he wouldn’t let interceptions get to him and instead just get back out there and keep throwing bombs!

In racing, when inevitably you feel like crap or run a few slower miles, you need to just acknowledge it and move on. You can still win the race.

Short term memory = long term gains.

...or if you're in a marathon and your last two splits were slow as hell just shake  it off and pick up the pace!

…or if you’re running a marathon and your last two splits were slow as hell just shake it off and pick up the pace!

The Stomachs of The Walking Dead Cast – Have you seen zombie guts? How about someone eating zombie guts? How about smashing a zombie’s head with an axe and then smearing their zombie guts all over yourself? This is just what happens in the first 10 minutes of season one. I mean of course it’s all fake but seriously? Sometimes I can’t watch. I haven’t a clue how the actors on the show can (literally) stomach it day after day, no matter how fake it is.

I get the same queasy stomach in the later miles of the marathon as I do watching this show. At mile 20, when I just can’t bear to eat one more GU or drink one more sip of sugary Gatorade, I must channel my inner Rick Grimes and just deal with it!

I hope you're not eating right now.

I hope you’re not eating right now.

If I can do all of these things on race day, it will be one hell of a ride!

I’m not sure what will happen on Sunday but I’ll definitely post the good, bad and ugly on Instagram, FB or Twitter. And, depending on my legs, I may or may not have a post up on Monday. Yes, my legs affect my fingers and brain.

My bib number is 556 and we go off at 7:30am!

Here goes nothing…

If you could channel a trait from someone what and who would you choose?

Give me some good mantras for Sunday!