Just when you’re thinking it’s Saturday and this Mini-Blog Challenge is over – I’m blogging again – BOOM!  The week in Joi’s world doesn’t end on Friday people.  She’s a seven day a week kind of woman!

Today’s prompt?  How does your family react to you blog?  Oh my!  I’ve been waiting all week for this one…



Yes, we're the same height.  He's Cuban!

Yes, we’re the same height. He’s Cuban!

My BIGGEST blogging fan by far.  He reads every blog within a few hours of me publishing it.  How do I know?  He emails me a comment like this every time:

You are amazing!  If I hadn’t watched you grow, I wouldn’t believe how amazing you are!!

You’re an unbelievable writer!  Of course I knew this when you were 11.

Did you really have to use the F word?  You are a super star anyway!!

Could I love him any more?  NO!



We're smiling because we're away from our kids!

We’re smiling because we’re away from our kids!

You read how I almost missed the boat on him when I called off our wedding.  What more can I say?  He loves my posts and my writing but he HATES all the social media that comes along with it.  When I first started on Twitter, I wouldn’t mute my phone at night when we went to bed and I would have tweets coming in all hours of the night!  I would sleep right through it but him?  Not so much.  I’m lucky my phone is still in one piece!



Friends that race together...go drinking together afterward!

We race because combined we have three sets of twins!  That is not a joke.  It’s not even funny.  At all.

Without Shannon, you may have been deprived of all the wit and hilarity you find here.  If we went back just 8 months ago you would find me anywhere but on social media.  Thats right.  No FB, no Twitter, no Instagram no nothing people.  Shannon has encouraged me to pull the stick out of my ass and blog my little heart out...and FB and Tweet and Instagram.  Thank you for believing in me Shannon!  You created this monster.


My brother:  Very encouraging but has to be spoon fed posts.  ‘Aint nobody got time for that!

My aunts:  Love my blog and comment quite often.  They are my two mothers in one.  I’m not highlighting them because they will have their very own post coming soon….*insert miniacal laugh here*

My male cousins: After the boob job post I received a text from two of them “I’m never reading your blog again.”  Got it.  And “TMI” with a screen shot of the boob post.  Next time I will issue a family warning.

My BIL TimmyHe threatened his friends and co-workers, in the most charming way, to “like” my FB page:

“Friends! Like this page for 1 of 3 reasons:
1) You love me and anything associated with me.
2) You’re just an all around good person that loves to show support to your friends and their families.
3) You have interest in fitness and diet tips from a kick-ass person with 15+ years of physical training experience who is a kick-ass athlete and can whip you into shape just by looking at you! – Allie Capo-Burdick

I love you for that Timmy.  Please bully me up some more likes when you get a chance.

What more could a girl want?

How does your family react to your blogging?