“They” say a lot of things. In fact, by the time you reach 40 years on this planet you have enough cliche advice to fill the empty seats at the inauguration. Oops! I’m talking politics on the blog which is something “they” say you should never do! Let’s see what other rules of theirs I don’t follow and have some fun on this otherwise dismal day.


What they say: Never go to bed angry

It’s almost as if whoever said this was never married. In fact, I always give newlyweds the opposite advice because someone infinitely wiser said something about “sleeping on it” and that things always seem better after a good night’s sleep.

Marriage is hard enough without anyone giving you rules to follow and, no two marriages are exactly alike. What all marriages do have in common is that they take work! So what if you go to bed mad at your partner? As long as you wake-up still willing to work it out, it will last under death do you part.

Cheers to another year of making up and saying sorry to this guy.


What they say: Never go food shopping when you’re hungry.

So I should never go? Inevitably I end up rushing out of the house with just enough time to go food shopping before the boys get home from school. I would rather do almost anything else then take my kids with me to the supermarket so, most of the time I end up there feeling hungry. However, this has it’s benefits.

On a recent trip and, practically starving, I spied a sale on Clif Nut Butter filled bars. I had seen and read about the deliciousness of these but had yet to try them. So, I grabbed one as a cruised by with my cart and ripped it open like it was the last piece of food I would ever eat. It.was.fantastic.

Since I don’t trust food that tastes that good to have good ingredients, I tried to piece together the nutrition label so I could be utterly disappointed. Imagine my surprise when i saw this:

Boom! 230 calories | 11 grams of fat | 9 sugars | 7 grams of protein | 3 grams of fiber

I circled back and grabbed a 12 pack and have been eating them ever since.

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What they say:  Never ignore pain because it can lead to injury.

So I will probably get some grief for this one but, in my experience, running and training hard is painful. All these years of training the way I do have most certainly taken a toll on my body but, I like to think I know the difference between severe pain that causes injury and the regular everyday pain I ignore and push though.

I’m not saying this to come off as some type of bad ass but, where there is hard training there is pain. Some weeks I live in perpetual soreness but I get up and do whatever is on my training plan. Usually, about 1/4 of the way though, everything loosens up and flows and I finish my workout feeling stronger than the day before. Now, had I skipped or only put in 50% in those workouts, thinking I had to “take it easy” on my body I would never improve.

This was a result from a calf cramp I suffered in the pool after an intense track session. It hurt for days!

Again, I respect and pay attention to my aches and pains but, most of the time I push through them to reach the next level. Progress does not come without pain. That being said, I have never suffered a major injury like a stress fracture or anything close to it. I tend to my pain with different techniques but I rarely let it keep me from a workout.


What they say: Never go back on a punishment once you have said it to the child.

Am I the only one who, in the heat of screaming like a lunatic, makes up absurd punishments like “I will take your iPad and throw it in the garbage!” No? Ok, great then we understand each other.

Other things they say I should never do and have done at least 10 times in 7 years are:

Clean up their mess

Insisting they say thank you or hello or please or good-bye or whatever society demands of them in that moment

Let them eat nothing with actual nutritional value for a day…or two…

Let them have their way when they cry or whine

Bribe them in every conceivable way for things that don’t deserve a reward

Hey, we’re only human and, I think some of that “humaness” takes a nosedive when they are born and then we just do the best we can each and every day. I love them more than I love myself and some days, that just has to be enough.


What they say: Do not, by any means, discuss politics…especially not now!

I find it ironic that I’m supposed to be politically correct about a new president who built his campaign around being the exact opposite. I think The Donald would be proud of my political ranting in this space, even if he tweeted about how much of a loser I am for doing it. #wrong

Unless you’re new here you know that I’m sad about what is taking place today. Sad to see the classy, intelligent, hopeful family leaving the white house and preparing myself and my family for the absolute unknown. It’s clear that I need to step outside my bubble (whatever that really means) and take action, something that has been a long time coming. And, as with parenting, I will use my favorite mantra of “this too shall pass,” and see what happens in the coming days, months and years.

Speaking of, I’m off to Hawaii next week so the future is already looking better…


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Do you do any of these things? Tell me about it!

What is a piece of advice you completely ignore?