You know I had to write this post. My head has been spinning with all the Beyonce twin pregnancy photos, memes and some of my favorite people tagging me on FB declaring I had twins before Beyonce made it cool. Why thank you, yes I did. As for the “coolness” factor, I think it’s only a factor when celebrities have twins.


Beyonce is a mega superstar who almost doesn’t fit into this planet with the level of her stardom. Mostly I think some people are all upset about her announcement and subsequent photo gallery because they want to be her, even if they have to have twins to do it.

Stop being so jealous of Bey. I know it’s hard but please try.

I have to say that I love anyone who is excited about having a baby and especially twins, for obvious reasons. I didn’t see the Kardashians carrying on with excitement to produce offspring. I mean, none of us really wants more of them in the world however, I think those girls were more concerned about gaining weight (and losing it) than having a baby.

It’s refreshing to see someone genuinely excited over the announcement of twins because I definitely was.


No, Beyonce is not the first person to have twins and yes, she could buy a nanny, chef, maid, personal trainer and interior designer to all help with the process of having the babies and maintaining her sanity. So what? She’s earned her money and should be proud to use it.

Also, having those things does not make you a good person or a good mother. I know plenty of terrible moms on both sides of the financial spectrum. Money does not make a good mom and, when the twins become teenagers, we will all know exactly what they think of their parents. Every.detail. How many of us have to deal with that?

Imagine what these twins will have to say about their parents someday…


Her pictures are ridiculous. I mean, of course they are! It’s because her life is ridiculous in the sense that few can imagine. She is a glamorous, gorgeous, mega-famous, superstar who has a passion for over-the-top entertainment, which we usually love, by the way.

I think we know.


This is probably the most important tidbit so, even if you just skipped ahead to this part, it’s worth it. Are you ready?

Here it is – – I do not know Beyonce and neither do you!

That said…

Her twin pregnancy is none of my business but she does put it out there. Way out there. Some other things way, way out there? The “backlash” to her announcement that I didn’t know existed until this:


“But as sure as grass is green, not 48 hours since the announcement was made, here come white women and their fragile (fears, oops, I mean) tears.”

Wait…this is a black and white thing? White women are afraid of Beyonce and her twins? Well, the majority of white women in this country did just elect Trump so, maybe there’s a point.

This is actually terrifying.

But, after reading the articles mentioned by, Beyonce’s Pregnancy Announcement Is Wildly Tacky, And I’m Okay With ThatI from Refinery 29 and The Problem With Social Media Announcements: You Never Know Who You’re Hurting by Leandra Medine, a “privileged fashion blogger” I realized that no, there is no point.

The first article actually praises Beyonce and the second is someone upset over the announcement because she’s struggling with fertility.

The author of the latter has since amended her article writing:

“On Thursday, when I saw Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement, I had the same guttural reaction I’ve had to every pregnancy announcement as my struggle with fertility has mounted: I saw it in the context of myself and the suffering I’ve incurred. Inadvertently, I also revealed ignorance and a stunning absence of perspective.”

Bravo Leandra!

Obviously, when you become a mom, whether it’s with one or 10 babies, you lose your damn mind. Why not just embrace all our differences and build each other up instead of tearing each other down? Parenting is hard enough without being Beyonce so just let her Bey…

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Is it even possible for celebrities to have twins and not have an epic photo shoot or underwater romp? Maybe we should ask these celebrity twin parents…

Neal Patrick Harris

Sarah Jessica Parker

J. Lo

Angelina Jolie

Julia Roberts

Rebecca Romijn

Julie Bowen

I will leave you to draw your own conclusion.

Do you even care about Beyonce and her twin announcement?

What do you make of the reaction?

Do you have twins or would you want them? Would you rather just be Beyonce? Me too.