I’ve gone through different phases of logging my runs and routes. When I first started running I kept a meticulous excel spreadsheet of each run, what I wore, the weather and probably what I ate. Clearly I had way too much time on my hands. I was also working at a big gym as the Fitness Director at the time, so my whole life revolved around training me or someone else. Those were the days.

I do believe, I do, I do, I do!

I do believe, I do, I do, I do!

I then went through a period where I was just happy to get out and run and I tracked nothing.

Then I was pregnant with the twins and had to stop running after three months. There’s a very detailed account in their baby book about my total breakdown on my front steps, when I realized I wouldn’t be able to run for the duration of the pregnancy. I cried my eyes out.

Then I did walking hill repeats and felt much better.

I was crying my eyes out when this was first put together.  It was HUGE!

This was the night of my baby shower. When my brother put this stroller together I cried because it was so gigantic!

Then I had healthy twins about 25 weeks later and really felt better.

And I started running again but not journaling anything except how much the babies drank, pooped and peed. It was an interesting time.


I’m now in a stage of racing and training and journaling. As part of Team Oiselle, I was excited to know that my teammate (oh, that’s just funny) Lauren Fleshman was developing a running journal.

Prior to getting that gem, I would just jot a quick note of what I did that day on a calendar of the boys that I kept in the laundry room.

Very serious and professional training log.

Very serious and professional training log.

I now keep my BELIEVE journal in the laundry room. It’s an odd place for sure but:

1. It’s the fist place I go when I walk in the door to deposit my sweaty clothes. I’ve actually been known to completely strip down in there and steak across my house, up the stairs and right into the shower. One of these days the FedEx guy is going to get an eyeful.

2. I spend ridiculous amounts of time in there washing, drying and folding

3. No one else goes in there but me

Getting back into journaling over this training period has really helped me. Each day I’m supposed to rate my workout with a grade. As you may expect, I don’t hand out A’s easily. And, unlike my calendar, I have a lot more room to write just a few feelings about the workout like “felt hard” or “my legs were tired.” I write that one a lot.

My counter of crap in the laundry room. My little haven of all things sweat!

My counter of crap in the laundry room. My little haven of all things sweat!

The funny thing is, I don’t spend a lot of time reflecting on it. In fact, once I finish a week and turn the page, I rarely go back. This got me thinking “what’s the point of having a journal?” But I think that’s just it.

The journal helps me move forward. Another day, another entry. Isn’t doesn’t even matter that much what the entry is, but each day is one I got up and got it done.

Relentless forward progress.

With running and the laundry. My life is complete.

Do you keep a journal?

Where do you keep it?

What’s in your laundry room besides dirty clothes?