If you can’t beat it, use¬†it! I was starting to get seriously frustrated about having to run in all the crazy wind around here…until it started snowing. I realized that things can always get worse and, instead of trying to constantly¬†fight the elements, why not just go with the flow?


Here are two of my favorite speed sessions and, if you can figure out how to run them so the wind is at your back for most of the workout, you may score a new PR!

8 x 4 Minutes at 8K Effort

The first thing you need to pay attention to here is the word effort. As an extra challenge, try not looking at your watch (except to note when to stop and start) and run by feel. This is the best way to tune in to your pacing and rhythm without relying on your watch.

When I first saw this workout I thought – – what the hell is an 8K pace? Who runs that distance (5 miles)? The point is that no one does which is why this effort should be in between a 5K (3 miles) and 10K (6 miles) pace, which pretty much every runner is familiar with.

The fun part (yes, there is one) is looking at the breakdown of your 4 minute efforts and seeing just how consistent they are since you cannot control the placement of hills, both up and down.

Obviously this workout is best on the road where your speed is being controlled by you but, of course you can do it on the treadmill and then you won’t have to guesstimate your pace… Either way, you will suffer in the best way possible.


Speed Ladder

Some of you may be all too familiar with this type of workout. It’s great for the treadmill because you’re constantly watching the clock and barely have time to get bored. It also helps improve your speed and that finishing kick on tired legs.



Have fun with these, stop cursing the wind and be happy it’s not snowing where you are…unless it is, then I can’t help you.

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How often do you incorporate speed work?

Do you run by effort or your watch pace? Be honest!